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Crystal Toronyai Davis


My name is Crystal T. Davis and I'm a genealogist.


I live in Maine with my husband and sons. I wear many hats, from homeschooling (pre-Covid), to gardening, reading and writing, managing our family owned statuary, making YouTube videos, and obsessing over family history.

My journey into genealogy began at age nine, when my father passed away suddenly. When the storm clouds subsided, I had questions about our family history. It was a startling moment when I wanted answers about ancestry and the family had none. That was not acceptable and the embers of my lifelong passion began to burn. 

Seasoned by trial and error, dedication and adoration, I've discovered my ancestors. I strive to share and preserve their names and histories, creating a legacy of knowledge and belonging with a testament of their lives for future generations. 


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C. T. Davis of Raven Oak Genealogy


Ancestral Spotlight

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